Artisans & Process

All of our rugs at Jemima Jasmine are Handmade in Varansi, India, one of the most spiritual and beautiful places and where we work with the extremely skilled artisans, weavers and tufters. The production of a Jemima Jasmine rug is a beautiful process that passes through the hands of many talented people working in the industry.

Wool and silk once sourced, is first washed, carded and then hand-spun. Once ready the yarn is hand-dyed in small batches creating a depth and movement in its colour. 

A full-size image of each design is drawn by hand for the weavers to follow. The loom is then prepared with a warp and weft structure specific to the way in which the rug will be fabricated. When the dyed wool is ready, each knot, stitch or tuft is tied, woven or punched by the weavers. Here the rug begins to take shape. Once completed the rug is taken off the loom and the pile trimmed by hand to achieve the desired finish. When the process is complete the whole rug is washed twice and left to dry. After a final check and trim the rug is prepared for shipping. All packaging is moisture-proof. This ensures safety, easy handling and suitability for air freight.

Our dyeing plant implements various policies, providing a safe and healthy workplace whilst also protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources.


Our Materials

At Jemima Jasmine we undertake extensive research to find the perfect blend of wool and silk for our rugs together with an obsessive focus on quality and sustainability.

The way in which Jemima is inspired and guided by nature in her designs also carries through to the selection of materials and techniques used to create a Jemima Jasmine rug.

Our research and experimentation with sustainable materials are of the utmost importance to us with the use of banana silk in our rugs being one such example.